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Hi, I am Doug Napier. “I have a passion for making jewelry and educating others.”  The JewelryMonk Podcast is an extension of,  a place for Jewelers of ALL Experience Levels to gather and to get info.


Mar 1, 2019

JewelryMonk Podcast Episode 26

In this episode I talk about Jewelry Polishing

Polishing Concepts,

Polishing Tools I use

And the NEW Jewelry Polishing Video Series available at

I also Talk about Safety in the Shop, Protecting your Lungs and Protecting your Eyes!

I Highlight My dear friend in NYC,...

Aug 13, 2018

JewelryMonk Podcast

Tips, Tools, Cudos:

I Just opened the JewelryMonk Studio and Training Center, BUT

I haven’t forgotten those of you who are not so close to SD, and that is why I Just re-released a Comprehensive video series, where, I have taken my years of jewelry experience, and simply and thoroughly developed a...

Jul 26, 2018

The JewelryMonk Podcast Episode 24

Introducing the JewelryMonk Studio and Training Center in Rapid City, SD.  717 Main St.  605 718-5070


The Tailored Faith Company is a local Black Hills Company that just launched a new website. Inspirational Designs and Giving Back

Check Jasmine’s journey out at

Dec 19, 2017

The JewelryMonk Podcast Episode 23

Announcing the Fabricated Pendant Video Series: A Comprehensive Video Training Series that walks you through taking a piece of jewelry from sketch through all the processes to a finished piece of reproducible jewelry.

Highlighting: Someone who is "Doing It Right"

Dec 5, 2017

JewelryMonk Podcast Episode 022 for All Things JewelryMonk


JewelryMonk Studio and Training Center

Blood:Water Mission

Jewelry Tip: Non-Dominant Hand Soldering

Health Tip: Back, Neck and Stress

Cool Tool of the Week: Jeweler’s Square